• What on earth is Gecko?
  • Our philosophy at Gecko has always been to help people. Gecko was created in order to achieve 3 things:

    1. Help people rent their under-utilised items in order to help them make extra cash.

    2. Help people rent items to rent instead of buy to save them money. And most importantly:

    3. Help save our beautiful planet. We need to come together as a community and stop our destructive behaviours. We connect like-minded people that want to re-use items to stop unnecessary purchases of new items, thus reducing the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

  • How does it work?
  • Click the Post an Ad button at the top corner of the page with those items that gather dust in your home, and start making money off the items you already own!

  • Does Gecko have social media?
  • Yes we do! Gecko has both a Facebook and Instagram page. Chuck us a follow, we’d bloody love it.

  • What if someone steals, breaks or ruins my item?
  • Our most common question, which is why we’ve whacked it up the top here. We have an industry leading security system. We do everything we can to protect your items.

    1. Two-way rating system

    2. Optional Bond

    3. We keep hold of all our security through Stripe and are able to remunerate owners fairly

    At Gecko HQ we will do everything we can to minimise these risks.

  • Do I need an account to access Gecko?
  • Yeah you do, only takes a tick and definitely worth it! Have a quick go here!

  • How long can I rent something out for?
  • As long as the lender and the borrower agree on. It can vary from a day to a month.

  • What if I only want to rent something out for an hour?
  • No worries! The price will automatically set to a day but you’re able to negotiate a price with the owner through messages.

  • How many items can I rent out at the same time?
  • As many as you like! We allow you to rent out multiple items at once.

  • What happens if I damage something accidentally?
  • That’s alright! We understand accidents happen, we will charge you for the damage after discussions with the owner but we understand accidents happen.

  • What happens if the item is broken beyond repair?
  • We understand that accidents happen, but you will have to pay a fee accordingly in order to pay back the costs of the damage.

  • Do you have an ABN?
  • Yeah, our ABN is 42630424574.

  • How private is the personal information that I give to you?
  • We take privacy very seriously, feel free to check out our privacy policy if you ever feel uncomfortable.

  • How do I edit/delete an ad?
  • Click on my listing through the dashboard, which is on the top right corner of the page, there should be three buttons, view, edit and available. Click Edit, make the changes you need and make sure to press submit.

  • How do I update details on my account?
  • Click on my profile through the dashboard on your account, fill it in and make sure you press update profile.

  • How much commission does Gecko take?
  • Gecko takes 15% from the lender and 5% from the borrower. These funds go towards helping the platform become as secure as possible.

    We also charge delivery fees, which vary upon where you live in the Sydney CBD.

Any other questions don’t be afraid to contact us