At Gecko, we’ve got one goal in mind-

    to help you maximise your income by minimising your expenses. We do this by either renting out stuff you don’t often use, or by renting items you only need to use a few times - both making or saving you cash while reducing your environmental footprint!

    We’ve created a trusted platform where you can safely rent out stuff you hardly use. Everyone’s got things laying around gathering dust- a spare fridge in the garage, the barbeque in the backyard that seemed like a great idea, that go-pro you just can’t find time to use - rent it out and make an extra passive source of income while you’re working, relaxing or even sleeping!

    And on the same platform, rent stuff you need for a one-off event or even to sit permanently in your home. Need a replacement phone until you get a new one? Or need a booming pair of speakers for that party you’re hosting this weekend? No matter the occasion... we’ve got you covered.

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